Positive Classroom Behaviour

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What is a positive classroom behavior and what is it for?

Positive classroom behaviour is a very important study habit that must be taken in account of if you want to gain higher grades, do better in school and achieve your academic goals.

Positive classroom behaviour helps you get into the “studying” mind set, which allows you to work and study at your full potential. So... Getting in to the mind set is fairly simple. All you have to do is follow a set of rules:

-Paying attention in class (taking notes, listening to the teacher, answering questions, etc.)
-Contributing to class discussions and taking part in the lessons.
-Avoid class distractions for example: friends, electronic devices, text messages, etc.
-Be a good student and don't do anything bad that will disrupt the class or annoy anybody else around you inside the working environment.
-Engage with other students in the class and be more productive in class.
By following these set of rules for starters, it will give you a head start on having a positive classroom.

Positive Classroom Behavior not only improves your study habits, but it also makes you a better person outside the classroom. Starting to make these new habits will change you as a person, in a good way =)

-You will start to be more postive and lose the negativeness.
-You will be more disciplined and will be more mature.
-You will find it easier to engage and socialise with your peers and will make more friends.

These are some basic tips to try and be a good, better student
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How to be a good student
Step 1 Be in class on time.
Step 2 Sit in the front row.
Step 3 Be sure that you get a syllabus and then study it carefully.
Step 4 Write down all important class information: room number, teacher’s name, etc.
Step 5 Learn your teacher's name
Step 6 Come to class ready to learn.
Step 7 Take good notes.
Step 8 Get the phone numbers of at least two other class members.
Step 9 Start working on an assignment as soon as possible.
Step 10 Turn in all assignments on time!
Step 11 If you are assigned to do group work, whether its discussion or turning in a presentation, be a good group member.
Step 12 Learn from your mistakes.
Step 13 Have a good attitude.

Sometimes when the class experiences some dull and uninteresting times. When this happens, you have to compromise for both in an attempt to not disappoint the teacher and not fall asleep. You shall try your hardest to keep your eyes open, but if you cannot, you can try to think about something else, favourably of the topic you are learning about. Try to recall something that you have learnt in the past that relates to the topic you are learning about. Expand on it by asking yourself questions that you had just improvised in your mind. This way you can stay awake and improve your studies.

- Jonathan Tong

The Plan

By 09/11/09 I will
-Choose a topic
-Create a page
-Finish the plan

By 16/11/09 I will:
-Reseach the topic
-Find Good Websites

By 23/11/09 I will:
-Start the first section

By 30/11/09 I will:
-Finish the first section
-Start the second section

y 07/12/09 I will:
-Finish the second section

By 14/12/09 I will:
-Go over it
-Proof read an